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We Believe In


Our Mission

At Clueden, every steps in the process of making jewellery is important to us in our objective to be as sustainable as possible.

We aim to not only be a responsible company that cares about its production ethos but also gives some of our revenue to charities that matters to us.

Sustainable Materials



We are working to make our entire silver recycled.

The use of recycled silver offers many benefits as it stops the mining and processing of new silver but recycling silver is an important energy saving process compared to new silver.

The process of extracting silver is extremely effective and no purity is lost.



Clueden aims to have all its gold sourced from 100% fairtrade producers.

For many years, Gold has been a metal sourced from all over the world with no clarity on where the actual gold came from.

Thanksfully, fairtrade Gold has made tremendous progress and is now a growing standard in the industry.

The Gift of Giving

Clueden is committed to give to charities we believe in. That's why Clueden has partnered with 1001fontaines which is delivering water to schools in developing countries.

Better education is important to Clueden.

For each order placed £2 are donated, thus providing 1 year of clean water for 1 elementary school child.

Every year children miss 443 million days of school because of waterborne illness.

Unsafe water is responsible for several diseases, the most common is diarrhea, which kills nearly 1,000 children a day.

Water is obviously a key component for health; but it also significantly impacts a child’s educational experience: hydration and cognition are linked, and a lack of safe water will immediately alter the ability of a child to focus, learn and recall. Moreover, absenteeism leads to school dropout, which sets up an unfortunate cycle of poverty and inequality.

In 2008, thanks to its water entrepreneurs network, 1001fontaines launched the Water in School programme in Cambodia : water is delivered for free to the local primary schools. This programme is highly cost-efficient, as only £2 are required to provide one child with safe water for a whole school year.

In 2022, 1001fontaines served 316,000 school children in nearly 1,000 schools across their 4 countries of operation:  Cambodia, Madagascar, Vietnam, Myanmar.

1001fontaines is a charity registered in England and Wales with charity number 1195738.