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Founders Siqi & Jérôme

By Parents for Children

The idea of Clueden was born during a trip to France when Siqi bought bracelets to all her 4 children from a street vendor.

Once back in the UK she wanted to get something unique, cute and high quality for her children.

Trying children's jewellery from many shops she felt she couldn't find what she wanted and decided to start Clueden.

"The idea was simple: create jewellery with unique designs made of high-quality materials. "

Unique Designs

Clueden designs are inspired by our children. What they like, what they do and what they want. 

For example, the ballerina set is dedicated to our daughter's love of ballet and the many little girls who love dancing. 

The rocket and the astronaut are inspired by our son's love of space and his endless curiosity. 

We simply look at them, their friends and listen to what they tell us. Our designs are a direct creation of children!If you or your children have inspiration for jewellery design, share it with us! 


As parents, we know that children are really active. As parents we want things to last and be able to endure the many activities of a child's day. 

Jewellery especially needs to keep its sparkle and its shine.

That's why we have used high-quality material in our jewellery-making process. 

What's in the name?

Clueden is simply the first letters of our children put one after the other. A unique name created by children, just like our jewellery!

Something to Treasure

All our children love their jewellery their own way, they all treasure it with all their heart whether they wear it all the time or on specific occasions. 

We want to hear from you and how your children treasure their jewellery, share your experience on our Instagram or Facebook page!