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For Jewellery to Shine and Last

Quality For Children

Quality material is what makes a piece of jewellery shine and last forever.

At Clueden, our mission is for your children's jewellery to last so it can follow them throughout their childhood and beyond.

As parents, we know that jewellery needs to last to sustain children's daily activities.

That's why we have set to use a unique combination of materials to give our jewellery a unique look that lasts.

Quality Materials

Rhodium Plated

925 Sterling Silver

At Clueden we exclusively use 925 Sterling Silver for all our jewellery. It's an extremely popular and affordable choice for jewellery.

It's also naturally hypoallergenic and is a great option for sensitive skin and very safe for children.

What makes Clueden Silver different is that we plate all our Silver jewellery with a much thicker-than-average coat of Rhodium.

Not only Rhodium gives an amazing shiny look to Silver jewellery but it prevents tarnishing and makes it extra durable. Clueden Silver put next to ordinary Silver will look amazingly vibrant and lively.


Gold Vermeil

As with everything we do, our gold jewellery is of extremely high quality. On top of our 925 Sterling Silver, our layer of gold is at least 2.5 microns which is the minimum needed to be able to call gold "vermeil".

It's 5 times thicker than the average gold plating and makes the jewellery look amazing, it lasts much longer and gives a unique luxury feel.

In addition, we use a 18k gold purity which is one of the highest grading of gold. This guarantee the jewellery to last many years to come.


With its distinctive texture and its unique look, pearls are an amazing material for jewellery. At Clueden we exclusively use rounded freshwater pearls that compliment our high-quality Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil jewellery.

We also have included nacre (aka mother of pearl) in some of our products, which is a very resistant material that gives a distinctive and amazing look to any jewellery.


We use real Diamonds in our products. These are the best material to make a piece of jewellery shine. Most of our best-seller designs include diamonds as it gives a unique luxury feel and every diamond is unique.

The combination of Rhodium-plated 925 Sterling Silver and diamonds gives jewellery a sparkling effect that is sure to impress.

Jewellery Safety

As well as using the best combination of materials, our jewellery is extra safe for children.